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We are an Indian couple living in the US and are on a journey of having a baby! After several miscarriages, a cycle of failed IVF, hospital procedures and lots of tears... we decided to embark on the journey of surrogacy. Here is our experience.

Monday, July 11, 2011

The plan

It's been a while.. during this time, we were getting all the paperwork done. We have planned to be in Hyderabad by middle of September. 
Next steps.. we had to plan the medication protocol with our doctor. Dr. S laid out a schedule depending on the dates of our travel. They will be shipping the medications to me. I have to start BCP 21 days before our arrival in Hyderabad. Stopping the pill 2 days before arrival would ensure my stimulation to begin the day after we arrived at Hyderabad. We have planned on staying in India for 3 weeks. 2 weeks of treatment and the last week with family.  Tickets booked!

Lots of questions, hopes and apprehension! Getting ready for an emotional ride :)

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