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We are an Indian couple living in the US and are on a journey of having a baby! After several miscarriages, a cycle of failed IVF, hospital procedures and lots of tears... we decided to embark on the journey of surrogacy. Here is our experience.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

A longer wait

Yesterday was another normal day. Day 9 of stimulation.. took my injections in the morning and then planned to go to a movie in the evening.
I had a sudden question of how we might manage kids born to two surrogates. They will be siblings separated by possibly a few days or even a few weeks. How will the kids be treated in school? Will it impact the kids? After taking to parents we were assured that this may not be that big of an issue as we thought it could be. So, we will be going ahead with two surrogates..
In the evening, we headed to the a mall close by and watched a hindi movie 'Mere Brother Ki Dulhan". It was a fun, light movie.

This morning, we were to know of when we had to take the HCG trigger shot. Based on the scan, we were told by Dr. S that there were good number of follicles but there were also a few smaller ones that may get to the mature sige in a day or two. So, we will be waiting till friday for another scan and then decide when the HCG trigger shot should be. Our plans of going back to our city will be delayed by a few days.. this may also impact the work schedule A and I had for next week. But since this is our priority, we will wait!

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