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We are an Indian couple living in the US and are on a journey of having a baby! After several miscarriages, a cycle of failed IVF, hospital procedures and lots of tears... we decided to embark on the journey of surrogacy. Here is our experience.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

We march ahead

After talking through between us and getting some answers from Dr. S, we have decided to go ahead with our next transfer. It will be a frozen transfer. It's been scheduled towards late November. 

We still have lot of hope and are looking forward to the next transfer. We believe there will be a positive outcome

Hope is a strange invention -- by Emily Dickinson
Hope is a strange invention --
A Patent of the Heart --
In unremitting action
Yet never wearing out --

Of this electric Adjunct
Not anything is known
But its unique momentum
Embellish all we own --

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  1. Hi, I saw that you posted on the blog: Hope in Hyderabad. My husband and I are with Kiran too. We just got a negative result last week. Hopefully we'll try again in 3 weeks with our frozen embryos.
    I just wanted to say hello and Good Luck to us all!