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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

A day around Hyderabad

Day 2 in Hyderabad.. A Saturday morning and we woke up to Namaz being played through a loud speaker at the Mosque close by as early as 6am and a few minutes later to Hanuman Chalisa also being played through a loud speaker at a hindu temple in the neighborhood. What a vibrant city this is.. Oh, not to forget the cock-a-doodle-do in the background! This can happen only in India :)
Day 6 of stimulation.. I took my two injections and got ready to go around town. We had an amazing breakfast. The taxi arrived at the apartment by 11.30 and we packed some lunch (as we wanted to avoid eating out) and then headed out. Salarjung Museum was our first stop. We had to deposit our cameras before we entered the museum. We got to see a lot of art and antiques but got bored very soon ;) After the whole tour inside the museum, we got out and then had our lunch that mom had prepared. We then headed off to Chow Mahalla Palace. It was a very pretty, well decorated palace. Very close to this was Charminar. It is such a vibrant part of the city. Beautiful views from the top of Charminar and we also did some window shopping on the side streets. I was totally overwhelmed with the number of people and the amount of stuff that gets sold there.. Though we are originally from India, it still strikes us as something out of the norm as we have gotten used to our life in the US.
From there it was time to visit one of our very own Ahobal matt. Lord Narasimha’s idol was very well decorated. After visiting the temple we hopped into a saree shop across the street and bought a few sarees.. This state produces some very nice sarees. On our way back to the apartment, we visited Birla Mandir. This temple that is entirely built in white marble, had some amazing views of the city. The do not allow cameras inside and thus do not have any pictures of the place.. We came back to the apartment after a long day of sightseeing. It was time for some quick dinner and then sleep.. 

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