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We are an Indian couple living in the US and are on a journey of having a baby! After several miscarriages, a cycle of failed IVF, hospital procedures and lots of tears... we decided to embark on the journey of surrogacy. Here is our experience.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

The reality sinks in

We were back in Hyderabad on Day 5 of stimulation. My mom accompanied us this time and it has been nice having her with us. We grabbed a breakfast (take-out) at Mc Donald’s in the airport.. A’s and my first experience of Mc Donald’s in India and we really liked it :)  We only wished the Mc Donald’s in the US had these options.
We were again picked up by a taxi driver from the airport and taken to the clinic. The road out of the airport is really nice. After a few minutes we enter into the busy part of town, a typical Indian road!I had my first scan by Dr. K. She observed and told us that everything was on track. So, I responded well to the medication!! I was given more medications for the next 2 days and have been asked to return to the clinic on Monday (Day 8 of stimulation) for my next scan. We then headed off to a serviced apartment where we will be staying during this whole visit. It is a very nice spacious apartment in a very good part of the town. After we got settled in, we headed out for lunch to a near-by restaurant. The food was OK but we may never come back to this place again.. 
That whole evening, we talked about the surrogacy process. The biggest question we still have is how many embryos to transfer. A has done some cool analysis using probability. It all still depends on how many eggs we retrieve and how many fertilize.. This is it.. we are here.. and it’s now real!! 

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